Relais il Biserno

The Relais of Tenuta di Biserno is located in Western Tuscany, along the coast of the Upper Maremma, an area noted for its Granducal history.

The estate, bordering the village of Bolgheri, is set among the hills of Bibbona, in a highly-acclaimed wine growing region celebrated for its unique “terroir”.

Castles and watch towers, surrounded by lush forests, frame olive groves and vineyards that reach down to the Tirranean Sea.

The Island of Elba,  just off the coast and facing the estate, offers protection from strong sea winds.

The origins of this property date back to the eighteenth century as a site of apprenticeship and environmental monitoring by the Academy of Georgofili.

Thereafter the story has changed several times the type of use, and was finally completely restored from us, creating beautiful environments and accommodation furnished in a classic style.

Opened in spring 2006, it is an extraordinary place wrapped in the elegant simplicity of the farmhouse, rising in the hills of the Magona woods, it offers a unique and unrepeatable view, which ranges from 60 hectares of vineyards of the estate up to soak in the waters facing the Mediterranean coast, involving the eyes through idyllic views.

The park of the Relais, through a succession of enchanting gardens and bucolic places, creates a peace of mind more and more elusive, which blends perfectly with the spectacular scenery of Tuscany.

Made by an important team of Italian architects, the magione has a soul similar to that of a private villa, welcomes us in an impressive central hall covered with vaults, from which you can access a range of crops and dedicated environments.

The sober elegance of the furnishings, wraps us in an atmosphere that allows to fulfill the needs of charm and style, while meeting the desire of comfort.